What I Do

I specialize in helping general audiences understand and enjoy complex information.

I edit. I make sure your message has the right effect on the right people. I’m a word gardener, cultivating and tending to text so that it will present your best side and convey your knowledge effectively, efficiently, and persuasively. I have 20 years of experience editing articles, websites, magazines, books, flyers, lessons, scripts, and just about everything else that uses words. (Download my free ebook, 12 Gifts for Writers)

I write. I bring interesting, lively, well-researched information to your readers. I carry your message to the people you want it to get to. I help people understand what you need them to understand. I have 20 years of experience writing ads, marketing materials, and user guides, as well as feature articles and books on language, culture, food, wine, the arts, technology, and health.

I design. I bring your words on the page or screen to readers so they will read them smoothly and effectively. I have 20 years of experience laying out books, magazines, newsletters, inserts, lessons, handouts, programs, and ads.

I teach. I help people understand better how to make words work for them and how to present themselves effectively. I will come to your company or give a webinar online to help you discover your best way of communicating. I bring the knowledge gained in my MA in linguistics and PhD in drama, plus my experience as an editor, writer, designer, and speaker, to help others know more about writing, editing, linguistics, and performance. I have been teaching and presenting for 25 years.

I perform. I bring life to your script with a live, engaging, and resonant vocal and physical presence. I have three degrees in drama plus years of experience as an actor, director, singer, and voice talent.

I photograph. I find good light in good occasions and catch people, places, and things at their most interesting. I have 40 years of experience in photography, a craft I first learned from my father. I allow myself the luxury of photographing only those things I find interesting and fun.

What would you like me to do for you?